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    The mobile navigation menu seems to be inconsistent or does not work. Can you provide a fix?



    Hello there,

    And thanks for contacting us.

    As I can see, you are currently using max mega menu which is working fine on your installation . If there is some issue with the plugin please contact plugin author.

    Regarding our mobile navigation, if you have noticed some strange behavior, please try to explain the issue in your next reply and provide any relevant info so we can run some test according to your instructions, and if there is some issue we will gladly fix it asap.

    Best Regards!



    I have removed the max mega menu for you to view the errors with your menu. Let me know if you can quickly review and resolve this problem. I do not want to have the site with this problem on for a prolonged time.

    The errors are with the mobile menu. It does not allow for tactile scrolling, the sub-menus inconstantly collapse and the menu does not collapse with the single page links, such as or



    Hi again,

    And thanks for additional explanation.

    Scrolling of mobile menu when there is longer list of menu items is indeed something that needs to be fixed. We added that to our to do list, and fix will be applied with next theme update which will be soon enough.

    Sub menu items works on arrow click, and that is default functionality which we inherited as good practice from commercial themes in Theme Forest, and link which is holding sub menu items will still be clickable in that way.

    Regarding mobile menu collapse on click, it is also something that works by default like that. Mobile menu will stay in place when clicking on some link, although suggestion is good. We’ll need to see if there will be more similar requests and we will decide if this is going to be added in future.

    All the Best!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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